Waterford Airport provides update on staffing arrangements

July 11th 2016

Waterford Airport confirms that short-time working was implemented at the Airport with effect from yesterday (Sunday, July 10).

The requirement for this has arisen from a significant decrease in aviation activity at the Airport following the decision of VLM Airlines to discontinue passenger services between Waterford and London Luton since June 7 last.

Since the departure of VLM Airlines, the Airport has engaged with all staff and their representatives with a view to reducing hours of work for an interim period of time. In the current circumstances, it cannot sustain full working hours for all staff when aviation activity has fallen sharply and there is far less work in the absence of scheduled passenger services.

Waterford Airport has previously implemented short-time working in similar circumstances. The majority of staff accept and understand the requirement for reduced hours at this time, as the Airport seeks alternative business and we thank them for their support and commitment.

Short-time working is part of a wider range of cost-cutting measures designed to ensure the Airport’s continued viability. These measures have impacted on all staff, including management as well as the staff who have already been laid off.

The union were advised that staff would only be paid for their rostered hours. However, a number of staff presented for work today (Monday) despite not being rostered. These non-rostered staff were not permitted access to certain areas of the Airport due to health and safety and insurance implications.

The Airport continues to work intensively for a replacement airline, and at the same time remains open for business.