Spectacular World War II plane visits Waterford Airport


Plane spotters had a rare treat at Waterford Airport at the week-end when a spectacular World War II Douglas C-47 paid a visit. The C-47 was delivered to the US Air Force on December 28, 1943 but transferred to the Royal Air Force in September 1944. The plane saw active service on D-Day and still has the marks to prove it- the fuselage bears many visible bullet and shrapnel.

The visit of the vintage fighter was a dream come true for young aviation enthusiast, Jake Burke, Cork Road, Waterford with Anna and Alex Power, Hillview, Waterford who got to see the aircraft and have their photographs taken with it.

This DC-47 was piloted by First Lt Orlando Bill Allin who got his wings in 1943. During World War II, Allin was stationed in Greenham Common, England. His duties included bringing the wounded back to England, and delivering cans of gas to France for Patton's tanks. The DC-47 was used to tow gliders into the air and was fitted with a large reel of cable for this purpose. Allin named the plane after the job it performed: 'Drag 'em oot’.  He also named an engine after his back home girlfriend "Irene".

The fully restored DC-47 returned to the UK on Sunday to take part in WWII Remembrance Day with its owner, aviation enthusiast Patrick Green.

November  2007