Check-In Information

The Terminal Building is open from 07.30 to 21.00. Passenger check-in commences up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure time and closes strictly 30 minutes before departure time.

In accordance with European regulations only small quantities of liquids and gels may be brought through passenger screening points at all European Airports. These regulations extend to hand luggage only. Containers For Liquids and Gels:

  • Containers must be no more than 100 millilitres capacity;
  • Containers must be in a transparent re-sealable bag;
  • Transparent Bag must be less than 1 litre capacity (approx 20cm x 20cm);
  • Only one plastic bag per passenger;
  • All liquid and gel containers of less then 100ml not checked in, must be placed in
    a transparent bag and presented to the security staff at the screening point;
  • Suitable plastic bags are available at the information desk for a limited period of time.

Medicines – Special Diet Products – Baby Foods larger than 100ml:

  • Allowed if essential for use during the trip;
  • If a liquid medicine is required for use during trip, then the passenger must provide documentary evidence to security screener (from a doctor) that the liquid is medically essential. i.e. ‘life or death’ medicines;
  • The following ‘over the counter’ items would not be covered under this in so far as they are considered as non-essential during the flight: nose sprays – cough medicines, contact lens solution;
  • If the liquid is a special dietary requirement, this should be interpreted as meaning those foods without which the passenger’s health is threatened i.e. baby food or food for gluten- intolerant passengers. Passengers may be asked to prove that these products are genuine Liquids and gels include lotions, pastes, liquid/solid mixtures, contents of pressurised containers. Examples: toothpaste, hair gel, soups, syrups, perfume, make up, lip gloss, shaving foam, aerosols.
  • Checked In Baggage: There is no change with the rules concerning transporting of liquids and gels in check in baggage.

Airport Advice:

Pack your liquids, cosmetics, gels, pastes and lotions into your CHECKED IN luggage. If you must take these items in your hand luggage, they must be smaller than 100ml and placed into a transparent re-sealable bag.

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